Did You Know? - Retro Reminitions

Seven (seemingly short) years ago, QI was headed to the Phoenix ETail Conference to make a presentation on reaching your target market. We stumbled across it the other day, and to our surprise, found it still has relevance - which is saying a lot in a culture that develops as fast as ours. What do you guys think?


If you are 1 in a million in China

There are 1,300 people just like you?

China will soon become the number 1 English speaking country in the world.

The 25% of India’s population with the highest IQ’s

Is greater than the total population of the United States.

TRANSLATION – India has more honor kids than America HAS kids.


The top 10 in demand jobs in 2010

Will not have existed in 2004?

We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist,

Using technologies that haven’t been invented

In order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.

The U.S. Dept. of Labor estimates that today’s learner will have 10-14 jobs

By the age of 38.

1 in 4 workers have been with their employer for less than 1 year

1 in 2 have been there less than 5 years.


1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S. last year met online?

There are over 200 million registered users on My Space

If My Space were a country it would be the 5th largest in the world

(between Indonesia and Brazil)

The #1 ranked country in Broadband Internet Penetrations is Bermuda

#19 the United States, #22 Japan.


We are living in exponential times?

There are 31 billion searches on Google every month

In 2006 that number was 2.7 billion

To whom were these questions addressed B.G.?  (before Google)

The first commercial text message was sent in December 1992

Today the number of text messages sent and received everyday

exceeds the total population of the planet.

Years it took to reach a market audience of 50 million?

Radio – 38 years

TV- 13 years

Internet – 4 years

Ipod – 3 years

Facebook – 2 years

The number of internet devices in 1984 was 1,000

The number of internet devices in 1992 was 1,000,000

                                                  In 2008 – 1,000,000,000

There are about 540,000 words in the English language

About 5 times as many as during Shakespere’s time.

It is estimated that a week’s worth of the New York Times

Contains more information than a person was likely to come across in a lifetime

In the 18th century.

It is estimated that 4 exabytes of unique information

Will be generated this year.

That is more than the previous 5,000 years.

The amount of new technical information is doubling every 2 years.

For students starting a 4 year technical degree

this means that half of what they learn in their first year of study

will be outdated by their 3rd year of study.

NTT Japan has successfully tested a fiber optic cable

That pushes 14 trillion bits per second down a single strand of fiber.

That is 2,660 CD’s or 210 million phone calls every second.

It is currently tripling every 6 months

And is expected to do so for the next 20 years.

By 2013 a super computer will be built

That exceeds the computational abilities of the human brain.

Predictions are that by 2049 a $1000 computer will exceed

the computational capabilities of the entire human species.


During the course of this presentation

67 babies were born in the U.S.

274 babies were born in China

395 babies were born in India

and 694,000 songs were downloaded illegally.


This presentation was originally created as a power point by a high school faculty department in Colorado.  In February 2007 it went viral, and by June 2007 it had been seen by 5 million.  In its current and previous adaptations it has today been watched by 15 million online viewers…hence the power of compelling video.

I have made copies of this presentation if you would like, or you can search under “Did You Know” – 2008 version on Youtube to see the powerful words put to graphics and music.

There is no denying that we are in the midst of a “Communication’s Revolution”.  It is major, disruptive, powerful, and may be scary as the presentation illustrated.  Today there is no one component in an overall marketing strategy.  Perceptions must be altered.  The game has changed, the tools have changed, and the way you can talk to your customer has changed.  Your skill in the art of communication is critical to your success.  You can accomplish nothing if you have not communicated effectively.  The days of sending your message in a nice, neat, tightly wrapped package, and having customers swallow it whole are over.

As marketers you need partners that can create, manage, and measure these multi-channel campaigns, keeping you relevant and thriving, particularly in an uncertain economy.  I use the word PARTNERS quite strongly, because in this wave of growth and change good alliances are a must.  You cannot effectively do it all by yourself.

It takes different engagements, different channels, and multiple interactions to transform status from prospective to client, and while analytics are crucial, measurement can be more difficult to establish when the ROI comes in terms of loyalty, trust, and investment. In every client engagement experience there is good that must be quantified.

So while tools and technologies may change, in the end, marketers are still faced with the age-old problem of what to say and how to say it.

We are here to discuss on-line marketing and video – what works, and what doesn’t work.  Engage, entertain, educate your customers.  When you couple an image intensive story with an audiences’ need for quick information, video is a great solution…and who today is not looking for “quick information”?

So when it’s time to launch a campaign, sell a product, build awareness – ask yourself, ask the experts – what’s the most effective way to sell my story?

Video development involves the following steps:

#1.  Define your purpose / your audience.  Do you want to “build brand awareness”, “demonstrate” a product, educate with a “How To”, “sell a product”, or a little bit of all four?

#2.  Is your goal met by simple visuals, or would music, voice over, call outs and graphics enhance your criteria?

#3.  Do you have a store?  Do you have a direct mail catalog?  What is the functionality of your website, and how will all these components integrate your message creating an engaging and compelling interactive experience for your customer?

#4.  How long should your video be to tell an impactful story, yet not bore your viewer?

#5.  How will your video be placed and what will be it’s application – your website, social media channels, pushed out into other website media?  (Note that it is important to get the most bang for your buck and the widest exposure.)

Once these conceptual details are established your agency will:

#1.  Develop script content presumably based upon client provided info and details.

#2.  Create storyboards outlining the visual steps, incorporating the script, and developing any associated type and graphics.  

#3.  Execute actual shooting of video or stills to be implemented, remembering the importance of lighting, composition, styling, and propping to insure a professional and effective presentation.

#4.  Editing – It is through this process that all content is compiled and magic is created.

#5.  Hosting, analytics, and reporting…if it is not seen, if it does not function properly, if you do not know who views, when and where, your results will be ineffective at best.


Product / Brand Awareness:

AJ Madison – a top etailer as well as a brick and mortar seller of appliances created a Valentine “wrap” around a simple 60 sec. product video for a red laundry Electrolux washer and dryer.  The “wrap” had a kitshy, romantic valentine voice and appeal that made it a successful presence when placed on Youtube and throughout social media markets.  As a product video it enhances its offering on the product info page of their website.  This strategy can be implemented for all holidays utilizing existing product videos.


Crows Nest Trading Company & Black Forest Décor – etailers as well as direct mail catalogers of high-end home furniture and accessories, utilize video to enhance their product presentation.  The catalog customer, through graphics and communication, is directed to the website where they should find a library of product videos.  Here they can view for shopping entertainment, or they can zero in on a particular product that has caught their interest, seeing greater detail and providing more security when purchasing a high-ticket item.

Demonstration / How To:

La Tienda, a merchant of Spanish tapas foods was having difficulty communicating use of product to its customers.  By creating demonstration recipe videos they educated, entertained, and sold more product.  Those videos would find a good home as well as a captive audience if placed on foodtv.com, marthastewart.com, or sites that work within their customer base and demographic.  This placement would result in increasing brand awareness, customer prospects, as well as potential sales.

Brand Awareness:

Lobster Gram used their charismatic founder to enhance their offerings through his promise of quality and guarantee.  This video found application on their website as well as within social markets.     

So while we as marketers, designers, and innovators are constantly seeking to engage the tools of our culture, we must never lose sight of the fact that we – the entrepreneurs, the merchants, the creators, have the power of realization, and that without our spirit, our experience, and our knowledge technology will simply be a lost opportunity.

There are those that sit on the sidelines; there are leaders, and there are followers.  Everyone in this room, I know, wants to emerge as a more dynamic, more fluid, more innovative company.

With that, let me introduce someone that is doing it, and doing it well……….

So now you have seen and heard how online retail video can bring products to life in a way that static images and text can’t, often providing the final push a consumer needs to make a purchase.  Statistics show that e-commerce video can lower the number of abandoned shopping carts, reduce return rates, and generate higher sales.  If you were one of those that thought the costs were too high, I am here to tell you that the data shows your increased sales will outweigh the costs…there is a reason that the number of online shoppers watching retail videos grew 40% from October 2007 to October 2008. www.emarketer.com