The Phoenix

The Phoenix



Today in my wanderings, I took pause in the Quadras kitchen to reflect on a space that has prepped literally hundreds of thousands of photos, been the site of lunches, friendship chatter, too much company gossip, and is the spot where I have delivered many messages over 30+ years.


These Quadras walls have witnessed every aspect of my life, dreams and heartaches. I grew up here. This kitchen, in its many transformations, has been my kitchen longer than the kitchens of any home where I have lived, and my partnership with Sara, Tony, our CPA, and friendships with numerous employees, have outlived many other relationships.


Pregnant, I worked through soot when our neighbors had a fire; I carried layouts to labor and delivery, and then built a nursery in newly acquired warehouse space. The QI kitchen was where my children celebrated their birthdays, and where they made a family of the employees they included in their bedtime prayers.


In this kitchen I ate Rick’s biscuits and Beverly’s poppy seed chicken, introduced new employees as well as new owners, announced when we bought the company back, cried when times were tough and hard decisions had to be made, and have enjoyed many holiday feasts.


I spent years saying / believing that I didn’t need it, that there was more than enough in my personal life to keep me entertained and busy.  Well, I was wrong and I disrespected its’ importance as being more than just a job. Quadras has been my constant, and each member of its’ team, permanent or freelance IS Quadras. Because of them I have been fed, clothed, amused, frustrated and challenged, but in actuality I have always been proud.  Quadras is the one that kept on going when the going got tough, the one that never let me down.


In mythology the Phoenix is a bird with colorful plumage.  It has a long life and near its’ end it builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites.  Both the bird and the nest burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes from which a new Phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again.


Of the many things I don’t know, I do know one… and that is that nothings remains the same, and little if anything is forever, let the Phoenix begin its’ rise.