heart for africa

QI's Heart for Africa

Quadras is proud to announce a new relationship with Heart for Africa, a wonderful organization in Swaziland.  These great people are doing something very special in Swaziland, a country that has the distinction of having the highest HIV rate in the world.  As a result, the children of Swaziland are at risk, and this is where Heart for Africa comes in.  Every 12 days, Heart for Africa takes on the care of an abandoned, newborn baby.  These infants all have horrific stories, because their mothers live in desperate times in Swaziland. We here in America can hardly fathom that kind of crisis.  Quadras is proud to have donated children's clothing that arrived in Swaziland in February 2016. 

   Heart for Africa comes alongside these children, providing a safe haven with food, medical care, education, and housing until the child reaches the age of 18.  11% of the children have HIV, so Heart for Africa gives them their retroviral medical twice a day, and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives.  Some of the babies have required multiple surgeries and international care, and Heart for Africa provides this.  A preschool and kindergarden now operates there, to provide education.  A playground is there for recreation.  Many of the children are on supplemental feedings, in addition to the regular three meals plus snacks each day, again- all provided by Heart for Africa. When care is needed at night, “aunties” are hired to care for them, and they provide almost 500 diaper changes a day! Babies are universally messy- so all 108 of the children have their clothes washed EVERY day. Additionally, the community has a 70% unemployment rate, so Heart for Africa steps up to the plate and provides jobs on their farm, in both the dairy and carpentry training facility. Heart for Africa is a multi-faceted and incredible service to the country and people of Swaziland, and we're happy to have been able to do something that seems so small for us, but is so big for them.

To find out more, you can visit http://www.heartforafrica.org/