I Love Pinterest

In my 20’s, beginning my career as an art director, and my life as a wife who was learning to cook and to design the spaces that made homes, I collected a lot of paper… Metropolitan Home, Bon Appetit, and the flood of direct mail catalogs from that booming industry, all were victim of my scissors.

I had folders for flowers, folders for entrees and desserts, pictures of homes I aspired to, and idea notebooks that helped me with my work. The folders were manila, the notebooks were ring bound, and all were neatly tabbed with a sharpie marked sticker.

I still read magazines - sometimes; like I will today when I go to the beach, and I am sure I will tear out some pages that I will fold and put into my straw bag. I will bring them home where they will eventually be thrown away, or I will deem them worthy enough to be photographed with my phone and downloaded to one of my 141 and growing, Pinterest boards.

I love Pinterest.

Browsing the pages, it is like the best part of magazines – the pictures, and if I want to learn more, I just click in.

I have kept some of the paper scraps, mostly dog-eared favorite recipes, or memories too precious to toss, but I am happy having my Style, my Sandwiches, and my Sculpture, all neatly and digitally catalogued and arranged.

But now they tell me that Pinterest is becoming "shoppable" (read article) Well, as a marketer I see this as another opportunity for customers, as well as a potential opportunity for QI to create content… however…as a Pinterest addicted consumer, I am just not so sure.

Yes, I have definitely made Pinterest inspired purchases where I had to do a Google search and a bit of a hunt and peck, but that was part of the fun, and I fear that this “shop-ability” may lead Pinterest to become Amazon to my boards, ads instead of inspiration, and market manipulation to what, for me, is entertainment and a creative tool.

 Pinterest, please don’t make me drag out the manila folders again.


Cynthia A. Morgan
   Co-President, Quadras Integrated